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5 Local Places to Check Out in Lincoln

In three years of living in Lincoln, I feel like I’ve gotten a good taste of the city, and I want to share some of my favorite places to go to. Lincoln may feel like a small city to some, and it may seem like there is not much to do around, but in reality, Lincoln has a lot to offer.

Gomez Art Supply

As someone who loves art, Gomez is my happy place. Located in downtown Lincoln, Gomez Art Supply is a small art store that is always so nicely decorated, and it has all you can possibly need for your next project and more. The staff has always been very nice and helpful, and the owner is super sweet!

Paint Yourself Silly

This is another art-related store. When you enter Paint Yourself Silly, the first thing you see is a wide range of pottery items. Pick your piece, select 6 colors from their paint options, and get creative. They charge for the piece of pottery, plus per hour of painting. They have cool events with discounts “Pajama Night” and “Friendly Fridays”. There are two locations in Lincoln, they used to have a third one in the Haymarket, unfortunately, it closed earlier this year. The image I included for this item is from some of the pieces I’ve painted, I am guilty of spending too much time here.

OMT! Divine’s Resale

I love resale clothing stores, and OMT! is my favorite in Lincoln. They have a wide range of prices; I’ve found very nice pieces for less than $10, but they also get more expensive pieces (I think I saw that they got an item new with tag that originally priced for $2000) that they sell for higher prices, though the highest price I remember seeing is $80. This store recently reached heir 40 years in business, and the owners are very friendly and helpful. Several times throughout the year, they have a $2 benefit sale event, where they sell items for $2 to raise funds for charity. Resale shops are also environmentally friendly, and you can find very unique pieces!

The Cat House

First things first, I live a very tragic life…I am allergic to cats! Fortunately, my reaction is not horrible, as long as I am not around cats for too long. The Cat House allows for people to stop by their location, and just hang out with cats even if you are not looking to adopt. Visiting the Cat House is perfect if you are looking to escape life for a moment, release some stress, and play with kittens. If you’re in a situation where you cannot adopt a pet, they take any donations to help their shelter open for all the precious kittens. Being able to pet a furry friend brings so much joy!

The Mill Coffee & Tea

The Mill is a coffee shop with 4 locations throughout Lincoln, and they are all very aesthetically pleasing. What I love about The Mill is their wide range of different types of coffee, and while they are all not available every day, you can ask for a bag of your favorite type of coffee or tea to take home. My all-time favorite is their Nebraska Blend.

I hope this inspires you to get out there, explore Lincoln, and check out places you didn’t know existed. I will be trying new places, and share more of what I find in the future!

Karen Sotelo is a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in Art. She spent her childhood in Mexico but immigrated to South Texas and has been living in the U.S. since 2011. She has worked in a research lab since her freshman year, and it is part of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the Aerospace Club at UNL. In her spare time, she likes to draw and paint, thrift shop, dance cumbias, and play videogames with her younger brother.
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