5 Easy Ways to Feed Yourself in College

  1. Crockpot meals are your best friend.  Crockpots take hands-free cooking to a whole new level, just pop your chicken in the night before, and BAM you wake up to a fancy feast.  
  2. Cooking in bulk to prepare for the busy days.  You can make lasagnas, soups, and cookies that will last for weeks.  Just make a little extra and throw it in the freezer for future nourishment,
  3. Meal prep makes life so much easier.  After a long day of class, you can sit back, relax and eat a tasty meal.
  4. Don’t be afraid to snag those deals on ramen, and mac n cheese for the future.  There is no shame in living off of carbs. 
  5. Take every opportunity for free food like your life depends on it.  Always attend events for the perks and don’t be afraid to take a container to the dining hall.