10 Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas

Are you having a white elephant with your friends? Check out these gift ideas that are useful, unique, and budget-friendly! 

  1. 1. A Mini Tool Set 

    Everybody should have a toolset! This 25-piece set has the essentials at a compact size. Find it in Amazon for $13.75 here

  2. 2. A Set of Bath Boms

    After finals week, who doesn't just want some me-time? This is a set of 12 bath bombs with beautiful scents and colors. Bring these to the party and everyone will fight to snatch this gift! 

    Find it in Amazon for $26.80 here

  3. 3. A Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

    Who doesn't just love breakfast food? This item is just great for breakfast on the go, just the way a college student needs it. 

    Find it on Amazon for $24.99 at the time this article was posted here.

  4. 4. A Vegetable Chopper

    Have you ever seen those infomercials that showed people chopping vegetables the most ridiculous way possible, to then bring their innovative vegetable chopping gadget? This is one of those, and yes I know you always wanted one of them. While this is listed as an onion chopper, it works on other fruits and vegetables as well. 

    Find it in Amazon for $22.99 at the time this article was posted here.

  5. 5. Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

    This is both a funny one and a serious one. Honestly, who has not been in the situation when one of these could have come in handy? 

    Get a 4 oz. bottle for $9.50-$12.19 (depending on fragrance) here.

    Or a full set for $19.50 if you're feeling the spirit of giving here.


  6. 6. Mini Waffle Maker

    We were not done with breakfast foods. This mini waffle maker is just the perfect compact size for the college dorm!

    Find it in Amazon for $9.99 at the time this article was posted here.

  7. 7. Infusion Water Bottle

    Keep your friends hydrated this 2020! Boost your water with this infusion water bottle.

    Find it in Amazon for $15.95 at the time this article was posted here

  8. 8. Skin Care Sets

    Another gift perfect for relaxation after finals! This set contains two sheet masks and two hand creams. Perfect for having healthy skin in this dry Nebraska winter. 

    Find it in Amazon for $18.00 here

  9. 9. A Hand Cream Set

    We are expecting a long winter this 2019-2020. This gift will come in handy! 

    Find this set of 6 travel-size hand creams in Amazon for $12.79 here.

  10. 10. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

    I find problematic their use of "Indian" referring to something that is supposed to be Aztec. Also, I don't know where they get "Aztec" from in their product. In their website, they include a history tab and the Aztecs are not mentioned at any point nor their geographical area, plus the raw materials for this product come from Death Valley, California.

    BUT this culturally appropriating product has really good reviews claiming that it does miracles for skin, removing blemishes in a matter of days. 

    Fin it in Amazon for $12.95 here.

Happy Holidays from UNL Her Campus!