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10 Things You Will be able to Accomplish Over Spring Break at Home

Watching your friends shop for bathing suits online and explore their spring break destination through Google maps can be extremely painstaking when you have no plans for yourself. It is not that you do not want to go explore a new place or hang out with your closest friends for a full week, it is just the reality of life that you are broke and do not have the funds to travel across Europe or lay on a beach in the Caribbean.

Once you have gone through the stages of denial that you will be the palest of your friends by the time April rolls around, you are at a good spot to think about all the things you will get done while your roommates are gone. It is time to be selfish and think about how to relax, de-stress and get your life back together.

1. You will have time to focus on that exercise routine you gave up.

Once you found out you were not going to be on a beach I am sure you gave up on going to the gym every week. Get back to finding a routine that works for you because a sound body = a sound mind.

2. You will be able to work ahead in your assignments.

Think about. Get your assignments done now because you will not be as stressed as your friends will be as the semester rounds to a close. You have to think about the future and how happy you will feel when your stress level is not past 10.

3. You will be able to work more and save money.

Think about the money you can make and save for the future. Especially if you are a senior graduating into the real world. Moving back in with the parents is not always an option!

4. You will be able to explore your college town.

Go out and go to places that you have wanted to go but it never worked out with everyone’s schedules. It is okay to go explore by yourself because you can find cool places to take your friends when they get back! You never know the hidden gems in a place that you have called home for months or years.

5. You will have time to spring clean your closet.

It is time to donate or sell the clothes that you did not wear this past winter. Also, start switching your wardrobe from winter to spring. It is coming in hot!

6. You will have time to polish off your job applications and prepare for interviews.

Seniors, you will need to really focus on this if you have yet to secure a summer plan.

7. You will be able to lie in bed all day and not feel bad about it.

Netflix. Netflix. Netflix. Catch up or start a new series.

8. You will be able to read a book (not required by your classes).

Finally! You can read books that actually interest you and apply to bettering your life.

9. You will be able to try new recipes.

Look through all those recipes you have saved under your Pinterest food board and try making a couple. 

10. You will be able to treat yourself!

After all this hard work, schedule a massage or a relaxing day to pamper yourself. You deserve it and you also deserve a mini vacation at home.

It is called Spring break for a reason. Take a break, relax and then get everything done. The best part is while your friends are stressing to get everything turned in before finals you will be happily enjoying your last month in college before the summer.


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