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Are you sick of your usual Dutch order? Has an o3 salad given you one too many stomachaches? Are you going to lose it if you eat another buffalo chicken wrap? Then, keep on reading this article as I enlighten your taste buds with some unique and tasty alternatives to spice up your Reamer dining experience.


Dutch Hallow:


1.     B-Flynn Burrito: Grilled chicken, cucumber (chopped up), pepper jack cheese, and lettuce with chipotle mayo and a side of sour cream (beans recommended) on a wheat wrap.

2.     The Quichewhich: Grilled chicken on the fresh wheat bread with pesto and fresh red peppers from the salad bar, then take cream cheese from the fridge and spread it on the bread with the pesto so it’s essentially grilled chicken and red pepper with a pesto cream cheese (but you have to make it yourself).

~Wraps by creative master mind Bridget Flynn~


1.     The Buff-Chick-Dilla: Buffalo chicken quesadilla with a mixture of pepper jack and shredded cheddar cheese. Add beans and a side of quac and chipotle mayo. (©Bridget Flynn)

2.     The Molly O’Brien Original: Pesto chicken quesadilla with cheddar cheese.


Off Campus Options:

Niskayuna Co-Op

$5.49 Deli Sandwiches: Create your own delicious sandwich from a large assortment of meats (ham, bologna, pastrami, ham salad, fresh fried blue fish, hot roast beef, chicken salad, seafood salad, buffalo chicken, salami, roasted turkey, corned beef, tuna salad, Italian mix, and more), cheese (pepper jack, horseradish cheddar, mozzarella, provolone, cheddar, muenster, swiss, and more), toppings (bacon, tomatoes, pickles, jalapanos, avocado, banana peppers, roasted red peppers and more), on a number of fresh baked breads. Combine your sandwich or sub with a deli salad or cup of soup for $7.49. *You can add as many toppings as you want for the same price!


Adeeb’s Deli & Grocery

Shane Brady Special: Call-in a Shane Brady Special and you will not be disappointed. They also deliver!


So, next time you’re about to order a turkey lettuce cheese and cranmayo wrap or you find yourself on the way to Chipotle, stop! Consider these good eats and live a little. 

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