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A Scarf and Middle Part

2014 is long gone. We can finally say goodbye to iPhone 5s and stalking your ex-boyfriend’s best friends on Snap Chat. So, what’s new and hot in 2015? This year, the middle part continues to set the trend against the side part. But seriously, who can really pull this off? If you find that your face shape is too awkward or round to rock the middle part, don’t worry! There are plenty more trendy looks this winter that will keep you looking so “Euro.” One being scarves…lots and lots of scarves.

You know what else would look so cute this winter season? THIS HAT. I’m obsessed with this hat.

Other stylish 2015 trends:

–       Taylor Swift bob (?)

–       Beanies with poof balls 

–       PSA: Dark nail polish is still in  

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