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How to Look Cute in UGGs

Ladies, we all love our UGGS. Don’t lie; we know that everyone must have at least one pair of UGGs in their closet. Are they not the most comfortable shoes? Of course they are. Many people now a days are ridiculing these casual boots, dubbing them as ugly, which they can be. Here are a few tips to wear your UGGs right and make them look as cute and fitting as possible!

1.Pair them with skinny jeans or leggings! This is the best way to style them, making them cute and comfy at the same time. The tighter fitting leg takes away from the bulk of the boot itself.

2.Throw on some high socks or leg warmers underneath! By adding a cute pair of knee high socks or legwarmers, it gives a little pop from under the UGG boots.

3.Stick with the neutral colors! This is the easiest way to pull off UGGs. Choose the tan, brown, or black shades to blend in and not call attention to these casual boots. The bright colors might bring unwanted attention to your feet by everyone nearby!

4.Fold them over. Tired of the same look every day? Fold down the tops of your UGGs for a different look. Although it is controversial, some people like this look, making it even more casual. Wear a pair of leggings and a baggy sweater and you are good to go!

How will you style your UGGs? My personal favorite is #1!

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