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The Hot Yoga Trend

Although yoga has been popular for many years, it seems that in the more recent months, hot yoga has become wildly popular. Many of my friends, myself included, enjoy going to hot yoga to try and stay somewhat healthy and feel good while still living a college lifestyle. At first, I was nervous to try hot yoga because of the abnormally hot temperature, but after the first class I am completely obsessed. Hot yoga has proven to be very therapeutic for me mentally and physically. I wanted to give some tips that have helped me out when going to classes.

1.     Water- It’s good to hydrate your body the day that you plan on going to a hot yoga class. However, the key is to not drink too much water. Bring a water bottle with you to class; you will definitely need it. Take a few sips of water throughout the class, but don’t drink too much at one time, or you might feel uncomfortable. Also remember to hydrate after class!

2.     Food- You shouldn’t eat about two hours before class. Giving your body extra nutrients is excellent, especially on a day that you doing hot yoga, but don’t eat too much food or eat very unhealthy that day. If you’re feeling famished and must eat something as class time approaches, try having a few crackers. A couple saltines will fill you up so you feel more comfortable.

3.     Towel- Don’t forget to take a towel with you! The studio will provide you with a small towel, but trust me you will want a bigger one. It would be best to bring a large towel to spread over your mat because nothing is worse then not having a grip to the mat during a continuous flow.

4.     Hair- Don’t forget to bring a hair-tie with you. This is a must for doing yoga in a room that is at least 90°. Additionally, bring a headband if you have bangs. You’ll want all of the hair out of your face as much as possible.

5.     Enjoy- My last tip is to enjoy every minute of your hot yoga class. Go with friends, family, or by yourself! The time goes by a lot faster when you are having fun. Don’t think about the hot temperature; just enjoy the hour or so of peace before going back into the real world. 

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