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Golden Globes: The 5 Worst Dressed Celebrities

5. Julia Roberts

Although the black gown that Roberts was wearing would be gorgeous on its own, the actress compromised the look with a button-down shirt and tacky hairstyle. If only she had stuck to the basics – as they say, less is more!

4. Drew Barrymore

I’m not quite sure of the look that Barrymore was going for here. Despite the fact that she’s pregnant, this dress was not flattering for the mother-to-be. It reminds me of wallpaper that you would find in your grandmother’s house. Too bad, Drew!

3. Sandra Bullock

From the waist up, Bullock looked gorgeous! However, the rest of this frumpy dress was all wrong for her figure; she has a great body and should be showing it off! At least her hair and makeup looked stunning, but they weren’t enough to save her from this list.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

The white dress, black banding and short hair did not come together for Lawrence. The dress divided her body into three unflattering sections, leaving us counting down the days until we can see how she redeems herself for the Oscars. Hopefully, it won’t leave us as disappointed as this ensemble did.

1. Kaley Cuoco

This is by far one of the most horrible dresses I have ever seen. It’s such a shame because Kaley is such a beautiful woman, but this gown does nothing for her. The pattern is extremely dated, and the bustier top is not attractive at all. Too bad her newlywed glow had to be so horribly overshadowed.

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