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DIY Jean Shorts

As summer and warm weather is fast approaching, so is shorts weather. Its that time of year again to start stocking up on cute shorts and “jorts.” Why spend all that money when you can make your own for under $10. Here in Schenectady, there is a ton of thrift and consignment shops close by. Find your favorite pair of vintage mom jeans and turn them into the trendy free-people look a like shorts for next to nothing!


What you’ll need:

·      Scissors

·      Tweezers

·      Razor

·      Marker


Follow the steps below to make your own new pair of jean shorts:

1.     Mark your jeans. Try them on and make a small mark an extra inch longer then you want them. That way, you will be able to fray the bottom for a destroyed look.


2.     Start cutting your jeans. Cut them in an oval shape, the back longer than the front. This will be the most flattering cut on everyone. Cut from the outside in on each side.

3.     Fray your shorts. With the tweezers, start pulling the white threads to the outside of the jeans. Continue this as much as you want, depending on your liking.

4.     Razor. Razor the back pocket, the front, anywhere your heart desires.

Now you have the best cutoffs for under than $10. Enjoy!


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