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Campus Cutie: Erich Seifert

This Campus Cutie can often be seen hanging out in Reamer or working in the library. Being one of the sweetest and funniest guys on campus, there’s no surprise as to why Erich Seifert is this week’s Campus Cutie!

Name: Erich Seifert

Age: 20

Hometown: Simsbury, CT

Major: Economics & Philosophy

Celebrity Crush: Drake

Perfect First Date: I’d have to go with a movie

First Thing You Look For in a Girl: I’m a smile and eyes kind a guy

Favorite Memory at Union: My first year roommate letting in a stray kitten, feeding it sushi and milk, and letting it sleep over on our couch

What’s On Your Bucket List: Be an extra in a major blockbuster sci-fi movie, go gallon-smashing, drive across America coast-to-coast, paint my whole body and create a body stamp

Doritos of Cheetos: Indifferent

Coolest Place You Have Ever Been To: Dubrovnik, Croatia

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