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Campus Celebrity: Julia Hotz

HC: What is your major? 

JH: I am a Philosophy/Political Science double major and a History (and potentially Computer Science) minor!


HC: What sports teams and clubs are you involved with on campus? Which hobby are you most involved with/proud of?

JH: Now that I’m a senior, this list has really grown!  I serve as President of the Garnet Minstrelles (Union’s All-Female A cappella Group), but also sing with the Eliphalets (Union’s co-ed a cappella group) and the Camerata Singers. I also serve as Opinions co-editor of the Concordiensis with the lovely Matt Wu, am co-president of Pi Sigma Alpha (the Political Science Honor Society) with the awesome Davis Cutter, am an executive board member of the Philosophy Club, and work at the Writing Center/ the AOP Tutoring center! I am a tour guide, an orientation leader, am involved with Club Volleyball/ Intramural Softball, and last but certainly not least, am a sister of Delta Delta Delta with the lovely Megan Kerbs! I am not sure which I am most proud of, as I think that my involvement all of them were/are instrumental in helping me figure out who I am and what I want to do.  


HC: Have you been abroad? If so, where and when did you go? What were your favorite activities at these places, so far?

JH: Yes! I actually went abroad twice my junior year; I studied in Greece last fall through the College Year in Athens program, and did a policymaking internship program last spring in Washington DC! Hmmm some of my top moments in these respective places were partying til dawn in Mykonos/watching the sunset in Santorini/climbing Mt. Olympus in Northern Greece… and then working for an amazing think tank/meeting Elizabeth Warren/being invited to the White House to see President Obama speak about student debt!


HC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

JH: Oh boy Kerbs that’s a toughie…I don’t know where I see myself in 5 days! Ideally, I’ll be travelling the world, biking across the country, studying in law school, writing a book, running for public office, running a marathon, and, last but not least, marrying Derek Jeter (all at the same time!!!)

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