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Campus Celebrity- Bre Derella

Name: Breanna Derella

What is your major? 


What sports teams and clubs are you involved with on campus? Which hobby are you most involved with/proud of?

Since stepping onto campus my freshman year for preseason,  I have been involved in the soccer team. Luckily, for the past two years I was voted captain of the soccer team by my coach and my peers. Over the past years, I have watched the Women’s soccer team grow into an amazing program. I am ecstatic to see the upcoming results for my senior year season. The effort the team has been putting in during this winter will definitely be displayed during our spring season as well as our fall season next year. 

Another major involvement of mine is Habitat for Humanity. Freshman year of college I chose to revitalize the Habitat for Humanity chapter here at Union College since there was no such chapter present on campus. I love the work we have been able to accomplish in the surrounding area in Schenectady. It is breathtaking being able to provide families with comforting homes by not only fundraising but also building. Habitat is definitely my most proud endeavor. Over the past three years  I have been able to clock in countless man labor houses on over 6 houses. Watching the house begin in the demolition stage and end as a comforting home where a family can live is the most rewarding process. 

Have you been abroad? If so, where and when did you go? What were your favorite activities at these places, so far?

This past winter I had the ability to travel abroad to Argentina on a mini-term. During this time allotment, we traveled to Buenos Aires for two weeks where we lived in home-stays and then journeyed on to Patagonia for a week. One of my favorite experiences was the home-stay process. Living in another families apartment for two weeks lets one truly emerge into the surrounding culture.  I stayed with two lovely grandparents who treated me like one of their own children. They cooked me dinner every night and always were intrigued with what I did with my days and always asked how I was doing. They were interested in learning about my family, my friends, and my life. I will never forget the memorable dinners and time I spent with the two of them.

Another experience I truly will never forget was the journey to the glaciers in Southern Patagonia. We were able to explore the glacier Perito Moreno on a guided tour. Such an experience provided me with memories I will never be able to experience again. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Well I could make something up and try to explain to you where I think I will be, but I truly have no idea. Wherever life takes me!


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