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Are There Ghosts at Union?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Union chapter.

One senior claims that there are friendly ghosts around Union! Katie Ziemba, an accomplished student at Union says that she has heard a ghost around campus.

HC: Do you believe that there are ghosts on or around Union campus?

KZ: Yes there are TOTALLY ghosts at Union! We are one of the oldest colleges in the country, so there are bound to be spirits roaming around.

HC: Have you even seen a ghost at Union?

KZ: I haven’t seen a ghost at Union but I have heard one in my room! It called me by my name, which sounds scary, but it wasn’t. She seems like a positive presence and was probably a nice lady at one time.

HC: Are you sure you believe you saw a ghost?

KZ: Of course I’m sure there’s a ghost! There’s apparently one in the Gardens too…. so if you’re feeling particularly brave you should venture there at night (with a friend of course)!


Have a great rest of your spring break and if you have any “ghosts” questions feel free to ask Katie!