Why I Love Dating A Nerd

After nearly 9 months with my man, I can honestly say I haven’t been happier.  He’s sweet, kind, caring, funny and smart.  I could go on and on, generating an excessive list of positive adjectives, but I’m sure you get the picture.  He’s an overall great guy.  But the one defining characteristic I haven’t mentioned about him is something most girls find to be a turn-off:

He’s a nerd.

He loves Xbox games, computer games, electronics, and even watches Star Wars cartoon shows.  I make fun of him a lot for being such a nerd, but the truth is, I adore his nerd-y-ness.  Here’s why:

A Real Life Jimmy Neutron
I’m not going to sit here tell you that EVERY nerd is so intelligent that he will one day work for Apple.  But the vast majority of them do have the capacity to be at, or above, college level intelligence.  Some may even give your witty mind a run for its money, which is definitely something I admire in my guy.  And surprisingly, unlike their awkward early teen years, college usually transforms their social skills into something to brag about.  That combination of intelligence and social skills is really a big seller that every girl should look for.

Crazy Creativity
Nerds can come up with the most inventive ideas.  For example: my man built a computer.  Built.  A.  Computer.  I, like a good portion of the population, barely know how to use a computer, let alone build one.  But on top of that, they come up with just good ideas in general.  I’m very indecisive, so when I have no clue what to do for a certain project or event, he always gives me really great, original and creative ideas that I wouldn’t have even dreamed of.

Plus, it’s always nice to have someone to call when my computer is about to spontaneously combust.

No High Horses
Nerds, by stereotype, may have had either no social life, or a very subdued social life.  This can work against some people as they get too caught up in their fictional world of electronics to notice the riveting happenings of reality.  But for those nerds who appreciate the fictional world and prioritize reality, end up being much more humble than given credit for.  Nerds weren’t a part of the “in” crowd in middle or high school, and therefore, don’t have a high horse to get off of.  Because of this, they don’t brag. They only share with you what they genuinely take pride in. They always listen to your woes and worries. They will give you buckets of praise for anything you do right. Most of all, they’re thankful for everything they love in their life—especially you.

So the next time a guy wearing glasses and a Mario cap looks bashfully your way, don’t just turn your cheek.  Give him a chance—he could be the guy you’ve been looking for all along.  And he’d probably teach you how to play Mario Kart.