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Never Too Late for Cute Boots!

Although winter is coming to an end, we should keep in mind that boots are appropriate for every season! Boots are definitely trendy right now and the most dominant styles are military, over the knee, and the wedge.

1. These boots are from Lulu’s. They are a military style with a heel and are very versatile. You can dress them down for day wear or dress them up for night. They would look great paired with a dark green military-inspired jacket!  (Lulu’s, $49.00)
2. There are plenty of different styles of over-the-knee boots. This style is from Charlotte Russe and is perfect for a night out.  Over the knee boots are a great addition to an outfit to make it a little more glamorous! Many fashion bloggers are featuring boots similar to this and they look great. Over the knee boots also come in styles that are more casual and can be worn day to day. (Charlotte Russe, $45.50)

3. Boots with a wedge heel have also been very popular. They may be less practical to wear to class, especially in snow and ice, but they are great to wear at night or when you want to spice up your outfit. This pair from Lulu’s would transition well from Winter to Spring because of the neutral colors! (Lulu’s – Jeffrey Campbell , $134)
4. UGG boots are very popular on campus because of how practical they are. This pair is really warm and cute as well! Not only can you wear these on a daily basis to class, but you can also pair them with a cute top and skinny jeans for a more put-together look. These boots are a great choice for a college girl who loves comfort and trendiness. (UGGs)
5. Jeffrey Campbell has produced boots with a unique twist. These boots are bulky, yet feminine. Many fashion bloggers have paired them with shorts and skirts, which makes them a perfect choice for Spring! (Lulu’s – Jeffrey Campbell, $166)

6. These boots are a popular military style and are usually black, dark green, khaki, or brown. These are also a common style worn on campus right now. They are usually paired with leggings and tall, patterned socks or skinny jeans.  They are awesome boots if you are looking for something casual to wear with a variety of outfits!  (Charlotte Russe, $40)

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