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A Little More Bows

Running out of snow doesn’t mean that we can’t look classic and fluffy! Looking like a ballerina, feeling classic, and giving a little eccentricity is very fun indeed. To create this look, we can play with tutus, laces, and of course bows. Don’t worry about playing with bows.  Most of the times bows are somehow related to a cute or vintage look, however we can also make bows look original and outstanding!

Lace tops are great to start with, then put the tutu skirt on top of it creating a baby doll effect strengthening the classic concept.  Put on your tights in a different color. I suggest picking either colored tights that match your skirt or ones with a pattern that matches the belt.

To play with the bow, simply place it by place the belt the way you want, add the bow hairclip, bow bangle, earrings, or even rings! Forever 21 and H&M have great connector rings that usually go well together with classic outfits. Adding more eccentric colors to the look always turns out fabulous. For example, in this look, the red belt and hearts on the tights helped the red color dominate the whole look.

To wrap it up, of course, the shoe! Miu Miu mary-janes, like from Forever 21, will surely match and perfect the whole look. 

Create the look sources: Isabel Marant top, CynthiaRowley tutu, RiverIslandtights, Kelsi Dagger Tiffany Bow suede, TopShop ring, Kate Spade Bangle, Yes Style belt, Americal Apparel bow clip.

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