Kyle Burns

It’s official ladies. I am growing allergic to scarves and mittens, have begun wearing my light jackets (regardless of how it is outside), leave homework to be done until 2:00 in the morning, and bought a new Easter dress…Yes ladies, I’m suffering from spring fever. The promise of soon-to-be restful night sleeps, travels, and walks outside help to keep my fever from spiking, but the next eight days could not come fast enough.

Good thing we have our campus cuties to give us an entirely different sort of fever—and this week’s is no exception. No ladies, he’ll have you burning up and begging for an air conditioner—he may even put a little SPRING in your step as you trek out into this cold winter weather.

Kyle Burns is a Junior here at UNI studying Business Management: Administration. With his education, Burns hopes to work in sports marketing. For this cutie, his job is about more than just using his college education or making money. Kyle admitted, “Sports have always been a huge part of my life. I’d like to do something I’m passionate about.” Given the freedom to choose from any job, Burns would like to be either a Nike Marketing guru, involved in the Olympics’ marketing, or serving the college community through teaching.

 Apart from being a student, Kyle is also President of the Student Ambassadors Association, Director of Athletic Affairs, an intern with Panther Sports Marketing, a member of the Men’s Track and Field team, is involved in Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and currently leads a bible study every Thursday evening. To say you’ve probably seen this guy around is an understatement—he’s everywhere, doing everything.

If you haven’t seen him in a purple polo showing starry-eyed, high school seniors and their parents around, you have probably seen him “suited up” and gracing the many poster boards in the Union over the past month. It’s true, this is the same Kyle Burns that is the other half of the Kyle and Brendan run for the presidency. With previous presidents and vice-presidents named “cuties” before him, it only seems fitting he join the ranks of a UNI cutie as well…and with a repertoire like his, we’re sure glad he did.

Kyle Burns has been with us for the past three years, but originally came to UNI from Waukee, IA. There him and his five (yeah, I said five!) siblings reeked havoc as a family of seven only can. Referring to his large family, Kyle remarked, “I wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s a lot of love in a big family.”

Though Waukee was his last home, this cutie has called the likes of Washington, Utah, and New Mexico his prior homes. With a dad in the military, moving around was a bit of a trend in this cutie’s life. Undoubtedly, it is a trend that he would like to see continue. When referring to his bucket list, Kyle reported wanting to see more of the world. Possibly traveling to Italy to see the Holy Empire, Australia for the Great Barrier Reef, or maybe even to Brazil. As of now, Burns already has Beijing under his belt where he served as a general marketing intern helping to promote Adidas’ World Cup campaign.

Burns may appear to be a dreamer, but he has every intention of following through with his plans. In fact, Burns’ life motto quoted from Steve Prefontaine, to give anything less than yourself is to sacrifice the gift, reflects his go-get-‘em attitude. There’s no doubt in my mind this cutie will do anything his heart leads him to, like, say, run for Student Body President.

Running for Student Body President was never a part of Kyle’s “four year plan” but through positive affirmations from others and a drive to serve his school, Burns finds himself in the middle of a close race. “I came to UNI for reasons bigger than myself” Kyle remarked—and who knows, those reasons may just be to serve us Proud Panthers during the 2012-2013 academic year.

When asked what he hoped for UNI students to know about him and his running partner, Brendan, Kyle conceded he wanted us to know, “we are just regular guys. We enjoy watching football. We listen to our music too loud.”
And just like any other cutie, he has favorite desserts (Cheesecake) he has funny quirks, and favorite days, embarrassing moments, and moments that have defined his life—he even has dreams for his futurebeyond UNI.
Within the next ten years, Burns hopes to be at a point in his career where life isn’t consumed by his job—where he can provide for a family and even give back to the community. He hopes to find a woman who his confident, who loves people, and who has a heart of gold. “Being attractive and being beautiful are two different things,” Kyle explained. And what he’s looking for is someone who has an inner beauty. Someone who knows how to love and loves to laugh. But most of all, Kyle hopes to live a life that leaves a legacy.

Much like many of us, this cutie hopes to leave the world feeling like he made a positive impact upon it, just by existing. Yes, reality is that college ends. There is more to come. More lives to change, and more ways to grow. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference now. The impacts we choose to make may not be as intense as running for Student Body President, but, if given much heart, may have the ability to change a person’s life.
So stop worrying so much about what is to come. Stop day-dreaming about spring (I’ll take my own advice). Instead, start looking at the world around you, and the people you come into contact with everyday. Smile at the person who walks by you with their eyes downcast. Shake a hand, give a hug, treat a friend to four queens, or maybe even cast your ballot.

I know full well some of you are reading this and thinking to yourself, “There were elections this week?” or better yet, “I thought Ian and Spencer were in for life”. Wrong-o girls. However, if you, like many before you, forgot to place your vote this past Tuesday and Wednesday, fear not! Run-off elections are to be held March 6th and 7th between Jordan/Kaleigh and Kyle/Brendan. Don’t forget to represent your school and vote! But before you do, be informed. After all, there’s more to know than just the fact that he’s a cutie, right? Visit the NISG website at  and make your decision today!