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Keept Calm and Wear Heels: Not you again

So, today I went to look at an apartment that seemed absolutely perfect for me. Good price, dogs allowed, and less than a block away from where all of my classes are. The landlord, who is an adorable woman who actually worked at the school in my hometown years ago (small world), just had knee surgery so she couldn’t accompany me up to the apartment, but said the girl who lives there knew I was coming.

I went inside the building and all the way up to the top where the apartment is and knocked on the door slightly out of breath. (Sorry, no time to work out.) And, guess who opens the door?

Bum, bum, bum… my ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. Yes, out of all of the people in Cedar Falls who could have been in that apartment, it was her.

I had never actually met her, but we definitely knew who each other were. It was kind of a messy break-up, but my ex and I ended up being able to get along decently which was nice because we’re in the same friend group. But, as soon as he started dating this girl, everything got super awkward. I was obviously more than okay with it, but she instantly disliked me… and I don’t blame her. What girl doesn’t hate the girls you know your boyfriend dated in the past? So since they started dating, I really haven’t seen either one of them. 

Anyways, the second I opened the door I about pooped my pants. But, it ended up being not so bad. She was really nice and we ended up chatting for quite awhile. I got to see the apartment, which is absolutely perfect for me. And, we even touched on some of the weirdness between us. It was definitely a success.

I’m happy for both of them and have no hard feelings what-so-ever, but I wish everyone could just instantly be friends like everyone is in my dream world is. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. And, I just have one thought after all of this…

Is it weird that I might be moving into a place where my ex and his girlfriend probably do their thang all the time? Ewwie.

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