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Keep Calm and Wear Heels: Halloween Costume Decisions

It’s that time of the year again (aka the best time ever)… Halloween! Not only do you get to go to haunted houses and scream your brains out and carve pumpkins, but you get to dress up as anything you want for one (or two…or three…) nights. The second Halloween ends, I’m already thinking of costumes for the next year. I seriously love this holiday.

One thing about me is that I will never buy a costume. I hate how costumes are so expensive… especially when there’s hardly anything to them. $60 for a piece of cloth that barely covers my butt? Seriously? No thank you.That is why I love making my own… and I love making things that no one else will have. As much as I’d love to dress up like Snooki for Halloween, I don’t feel like joining the clan of 50 other oompa loompas running down the streets.

Last year I dressed up as a sheep. Yes, a sheep. It took a lot of cotton balls and hot glue, but it was so worth it. By the end of the night, half of my cotton balls were left in a trail behind me, but it was such a hilarious and fun costume to wear. Bahhhhhh. And since I know you’re wondering, little baby Trixie was a cheerleader.

Not sure how I’m going to beat that this year, but I sure will try. ;-)

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