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Flimsy Lindsey: Leopard Loafers

Even though I frequently discuss fashion and trends on here, I do not typically obsess over anything. 
I may see something I’m really loving and secretly wish I could have it, but that typically lasts a day and them I’m done…
That was until I saw these calf hair leopard loafers around the blogosphere.
I’ve been pining away for a pair for months.
I get dressed in the mornings some days and think how my outfit would be 10x better if I had those shoes.
I dreamt I owned a pair one night. Even my subconscious believed they would make a good addition to my closet.
So I gifted myself a pair for Christmas that I got on MEGA SALE. 
I originally wanted the Sam Edelman pair, but they sell out so quickly and are never on clearance.
So I found these Kelsi Dagger on Piperlime. 
And I may never take them off!



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