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Campus Cutie: Tim Williams

It’s five o’clock on a Friday. While all of you lovely ladies are putting on make-up and getting ready for a night outwith some friends, I’m sitting in Maucker. Don’t worry though, it’s not for homework that I sit here reading my book and talking with my roommate. I sitting here anxiously waiting for my first “Campus Cutie” interview

Tim Williams is a senior here at UNI who is majoring in Accounting. After just a mere 30 minutes of conversation, I can see what people meant when they said that every moment spent in his presence was “blessed with his outgoing demeanor and beautiful smile”. No ladies, it’s no surprise that your hearts melt for this one.

Tim is the older brother in a four-member family, with just one younger sister. If he’s not studying, working (at John Deere), or best yet, depreciating assets, you are sure to find him listening to music, playing his guitar, or spending time with his friends. As an attendee at BASIC, I have been graced with his presence on stage. Whether it’s singing or playing the guitar, he’s got a real gift at worshiping the Lord. He first picked up guitar at a young age, when he played his first song “Higher” by Creed—which just so happens to be his ultimate jam song.

Some may scoff at the mention of Creed, but this man has a wide array of music tastes. His favorites range anywhere from Screamo to pop punk. Anybody remember Forever The Sickest Kids, The Rocket Summer, or even Never Shout Never? Yeah. This kid knows who they are too.

His most embarrassing moment actually involves an altercation with Never Shout Never’s Christopher Drew. Before explaining the story, Tim preempted me with the simple statement; “My roommate freshman year was so loud you couldn’t take him out in public.” I knew I was in for a good story.
As the tale goes, Tim’s roommate yells at an unsuspecting Drew who is signing autographs at a Hot Topic—asking him to take off his shirt, and other such embarrassing things. After reflecting upon the situation, Tim said the night probably ended with getting kicked out of some fast food joint. I can only imagine they did.
This trend of crazy behavior with his friends doesn’t stop here. Though Tim refers to himself as “not the type of guy who would break the ice” he can get a little crazy with his closest friends. Whether it’s home run derby or building fires in the middle of town, this one likes to test the waters with his friends. Their motto for any questionable situation being: “Well, there’s only one way to find out.”
Friends appear to be a huge part of Tim’s life. His favorite way to spend an evening includes spending it with his favorite people, having real conversations, sharing real life…and food.

“It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, it’s who I’m with that matters,” Tim replied after I asked him about his ideal evening.

Sadly for all of us girls, Tim is moving on to better things in just a short couple of months. As a senior in the accounting major, he’ll be leaving next semester to complete an internship in Minnesota. After his internship, life could take him in just about any direction, one of which is returning back here for a 5th year. Whichever road his life will lead, the legend he will leave behind will involve more than just being a “Campus Cutie.” Over his stay at UNI, Tim has made some pretty awesome memories, and some pretty awesome friends to share them with.
 His favorite memory includes a “band tour” with the guys, where they traveled from Cedar Falls to Wisconsin all the way back to Des Moines to catch some of their favorite hard core bands. They dubbed the trip the Darth VeTour—and even made complimentary lanyards for the experience.

Tim Williams is truly a “Campus Cutie.” Inside and out, he shines with something brighter than his own talents. Before our interview was over, he left me and all girls with a piece of advice: “Beauty is a girl who understands that anything she is…is a gift”.

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