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Campus Celebrity: Catherine Au Jong

From being a member of the International Students Association to being a student ambassador, she is one of the most involved students on campus. Ladies and gens, meet this week’s campus celebrity Catherine Au Jong! 

Catherine Au Jong
Hometown:Jakarta, Indonesia
Year in school:Senior
Major:Accounting & Management Information System
Favorite Food:Green Tea Ice Cream/ Cotton Candy Ice Cream
What is your favorite part of UNI?I feel that I’m walking at home when I’m walking to class.

Why did you choose UNI? UNI has welcoming people, a safe environment, and great programs for academic and extracurricular activities.

What is your favorite college memory?Everything is special, but the one I love the most this year is Homecoming. I participated in nearly all of the activities with different student groups who are amazing.

What are your plans after UNI?Probably preparing for CPA test and perhaps learning more about fashion business and learning more languages.

What activities are you involved with on campus?I’m involved in International Students Association (ISA) which promote diversity in culture on campus, International Student Promoters (ISP) which promote UNI to people abroad, Student Admission Ambassador (SAA) who promote UNI to people through campus tours, and MISA (Management Information System Association).

What is your dream job?This might sound bad relating to my majors, but I really want to work for a fashion industry: either designing garments, or a fashion magazine. Working on accounting for a fashion company is great too, or perhaps developing a high technology for this industry…

What do you like to do in your free time?I like blogging, browsing a lot about k-pop (Korean pop groups), singing or dancing! 
Any Inspiring quotes or sayings you like to life by? Success today is not enough. I think in life people often feel satisfied with what they have today. Try not to look back and keep improving, moving forward.

Any thing else you would like to tell Her Campus? These days it’s easy for students like us to just follow what we think we will be. But try to keep challenging your mind, look for what you really want and plan the path, not next year, not tomorrow, but today!