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“You’d Look Better Without All That Make Up.”

“You don’t need to wear makeup.”

Of course, I don’t. I already know that. But I like to. And that should be enough to justify it.

I’m tired of being told that typically feminine activities are frivolous. If I want to take an extra 15 minutes to put red lipstick on my lips and gold glitter on my eyes, then I should be able to do so without scrutiny. It’s not a matter of insecurity, it’s simply preference.

A strong woman is a woman who knows what she wants. A woman is who open with herself. A woman who supports other women and their choices. A woman who knows she is still growing. A strong woman is a woman who is confident in her choices. Many strong women choose to wear makeup, and that does not take away from their strength.

I think many people subconsciously equate femininity with weakness because of how our society’s views have been ingrained in us, but I want this little rant to serve as a reminder to all girls that femininity is not weakness or frivolous. You can be a strong woman whose favorite color is pink, spends 10 minutes to blend her eye shadow and has a pair of heels in every color. You can be a strong woman who hates nail polish and throws her hair up in a pony tail every day. Wherever you fall on the spectrum between femininity and masculinity, you are valid. Society tries to put us in a box, label what we do, and decide what is acceptable, so let this serve as a reminder that wherever you may be on that spectrum, it is a valid place to be.


unh '22
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