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You Are What You Tweet

The resume is printed, the cover letter is edited, the interview is scheduled, and the power-suit is ironed. You’ve cleaned up your internet act, and hid all your tagged facebook photos. You feel like you’re more than ready to conquer the job market and land your dream job or internship. But could 140 characters be standing between you and the payroll office? What does your twitter account say about you and the kind of employee you might be?

Tip #1: Evaluate your Twit Pics
Even if your Facebook privacy settings are so strong that even secret service can’t penetrate them, your twitpics may remain unprotected. Currently, there are no privacy settings for tweeted pictures unless your whole account is private, leaving that gem of you chugging straight from the Barefoot bottle available for whole world to view. Before you start the job hunt, go through your pictures and remove anything you wouldn’t show your grandma.

(Here's UNH Her Campus' recent twit pic page - how appropriate!) 

Tip #2: Check your site URL

Twitter allows you to add a URL to your bio, allowing your followers to get to know you better and locate you on other sites or forums. Make sure where you’re sending them is appropriate, and keep in mind that your potential employer will more than likely visit that site too.

Tip #3: Update your profile picture
If your bio photo is one of you doing a keg stand or celebrating your beer olympics win, it’s time for a change. A good rule of thumb is to only use a picture you would also use for your Linkedin account.

Tip #4: Clean up your mouth
Profanity on twitter is completely unnecessary, and a huge turn off to employers. A mispelled, confusing “drunk tweet” is also not likely to land you a job. So, logout of twitter on your mobile phone if you might be tempted to tweet during happy hour or after.

Tip #5: Save the drama for your mama
Avoid ranting about how livid you are that your ex is hooking up with your arch enemy. Not only are employers uninterested, but the rest of the twitterverse probably doesn’t care much either.

Tip #6: Twitter time management
It’s extremely convenient that we can access twitter from our laptops, tablets and mobile devices, and sometimes tempting to tweet all day at every chance we get. But, what kind of message is this sending to your potential boss? Could your constant tweeting get in the way of you performing your job? Use good judgement in deciding when enough is enough.

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Leah Tully is currently studying nutrition, wellness, and writing at the University of New Hampshire.
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