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When I first heard of Her Campus, I thought it was strictly a writing club of sorts. Little did I know that Her Campus is more than just an online magazine for women in college. As someone who was interested in not only writing but also a sense of community, this chapter is a perfect organization. Although COVID has made it difficult to offer in-person activities, I have loved being able to attend Hersgiving- a Thanksgiving spin-off; painting pumpkins around Halloween, and sitting in on programming for resume and cover letter building. Along with this, it is such a large and unique group of girls with all different interests, which makes it really fun to get to know others in the chapter. Overall, I have had such a great experience and encourage anyone who is considering joining to reach out to a current member!

Hey! My name is Taylor Sheehan and I am a Sophomore at the University of New Hampshire, and am majoring in Health Management and Policy!
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