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Why You Should Be Listening To Maggie Rogers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.


I don’t know about you guys, but being stuck in my house for the past few weeks (thanks corona), has caused me to listen to a lot of music, but Maggie Rogers’ music has been my go-to. 


    This past August I was lucky enough to have my ears #blessed by “Light On” by Maggie Rogers while sitting in a cafe. I immediately shazamed the song and thus began my obsession with her music. 


    For starters, her newest album ‘Past Life’ , released January 2019, is an AMAZING collection of songs that just make me feel ~zen~. There seriously isn’t a single song on there that I don’t love, but a few of my favorites are: “Light on”, “Overnight”, and “Back in My Body”, but you seriously can’t go wrong with any of her songs. 

    Secondly, Maggie Rogers is a self-described, “witchy, feminist, rockstar” who’s song lyrics preach self-liberation and independence. Not only is she a feminist,  but she is an advocate for the environment, and her music is inspired by nature. Aaand she constantly speaks out about issues concerning feminism and the environment on her platforms! Who doesn’t love a well-rounded queen?

      Her music will make you feel GOOD. It’s hard to fully describe what Maggie’s music is but I can tell you how it makes you feel.If you only take one thing away from this, understand that her music will make you feel light, happy, and calm. Maggie’s music and lyrics have a way of giving you a reassuring hug at the end of a bad day, an outlet to express yourself through, or music to just sit and do nothing but listen to. It makes you feel full of life.

     Finally, she brought Pharrell Williams to TEARS… yes you read that right, tears. During a masterclass at NYU Maggie Rogers played her song “Alaska” (another amazing single) to Pharrell Williams and he shed tears listening to it. Maggie Rogers’ music just does that to people, plain and simple. 


…..What are you still doing here? Go do yourself a favor and listen to Maggie Rogers on Apple Music or Spotify now!!


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