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Why you Should Appreciate Your Family Over the Holidays

  1. You realize how big of an impact they have on you:

You find yourself doing all of those quirky things your parents did that you swore you would never do.

2. You appreciate the effort they put in:

Whether it was the meals your mom froze that you lived off of for a week to avoid cooking or the $20 your dad slipped in your wallet, their efforts are consistently shown.


3. Home cooked food:

After months of eating in the dining hall or having to prepare your own meals, having a dinner set right in front of you with no effort almost seems like magic.


4. Cuddling with your mom:

Whether you need to have a good cry or you simply just want a hug, mom’s arms are always wide open.


5. Traditions:

Without it even being said, you know the entire gang will get together on the holidays and you don’t have to make a Facebook event to do so.


6. Hanging out with your siblings:

Whether it’s hanging out watching Netflix together or empathizing with one another about the embarrassing things your parents do, your siblings were your first ever friends and their company is irreplaceable.


7. Pets:

Our pets might be the thing we miss most when away at school, maybe even more so than our parents. They love us more than we even deserve.


8. Their unconditional love: 

Probably the best thing your family can offer. Even though you might not call as often as you should or you wake up looking like a train wreck, they love you no matter what.


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