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Why Working with Kids is the Best Summer Job

Around this time of year one question that every college student starts thinking about is ‘what job am I going to have this summer?’ If your anything like me, you’re constantly torn between working a lot to save up some money to put towards school and spending money during the school year or having an absolute blast this summer. But who says that you have to choose between the two? Working with kids, whether as a nanny or camp counselor is a great way to ensure that you’re making money and having a great summer!! Here are some reasons why;

  1. Most jobs with kids allow you to be outside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather

I’ve worked as both a nanny and a camp counselor and I can honestly say one of the best things about the job is not being stuck inside all day like most people working at restaurants or sitting at a desk. Most camps include some form of being outside and soaking up the sun, so you don’t need to worry about missing out on all the nice weather that summer provides by working at a job indoors.

  1. You get lots of exercise

That being said, you also get LOTS of exercise working with kids. Kids love to run around and play during the summer, which means that you get to as well! Even if you’re not chasing your kids around, many camps for kids in the summer are entirely based off of some form of activity – for example sports camps or sleep away camps that include activities such as swimming or hiking.

  1. Kids are funny

I mean, have you ever spoken to a kid? Almost everything they say or do can provide some sort of entertainment – and the more kids the better! And even if they’re not being funny, they’re just so darn cute.

  1. Every day is a new day

If you work with children, every day will be a new day! You don’t need to worry about getting stuck in a boring routine, because every day with kids brings something new, usually because in order to keep them entertained and happy you need to keep every day original for them.

  1. You’re sad when it comes time to clock out

You will actually enjoy working!! When the kid’s parent’s come to pick them up, you’ll feel disappointed that it’s time for you to go home. And then you’ll probably spend a good portion of the rest of the day coming up with ideas to make tomorrow even better than today.

  1. It’s good to put on resumes because it shows responsibility

Working with kids is not only fulfilling for just that summer, but it can benefit you later in life as well! Working with kids shows lots of responsibility and dedication, while also implying that you’re patient, empathetic, and just a people person in general!

  1. You have an impact on the kids

Not only will this job help you in the future, but you can help the kids too!! You have a chance to make an impact on these children and either teach them valuable life lessons or just help them have a great summer that they won’t forget!

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