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Why UNH Students NEED Spring

With the weather slowly, but surely,  approaching fifty degrees, it’s safe to say spring fever is in full effect around the UNH campus and nobody can wait for warm weather any longer than we already have…

Don’t get me wrong, campus still looked beautiful after a few major storms and I was all for a snow day or two, but the cold got real old, real quick. You went outside to enjoy the snow with your friends after the first couple of snow days but by the 5th foot of snow, you could do without never looking out your window let alone setting foot outside again. 

For this reason when the temperature hit fifty degrees a few weeks back, there was an immediate change in the atmosphere all over campus. Failing a class? No more dining dollars? No housing for next year? No matter what’s going on in your life, a little sunshine seems to make all of the problems go away. 

Not to mention how much easier it is to look good in warm weather months. Spring break packing includes all of our worn-out riding boots, sweaters, and winter parkas in exchange to break back brightly colored sundresses, shorts and flip flops to finish out the school year in style. 

Plus, going out on the weekends becomes so much more exciting since everyone knows as the weather increases so do our fashion horizons. Now we can wear wedges without being concerned our toes might fall off, rompers without tights (which seem to always ruin the look), and not worry about leaving our new jackets at frat parties which we would never see again.

PLUS, females are definitely not the only gender whose fashion horizons are broadened as the weather gets warmer….

 (I’ll take this over Sweatshirts and Timberlands any day.)

Besides fashion, UNH students have a lot to look in general to look forward to at the end of the spring semester this year. With Lee Brice and Cinco de Mayo happening in the same week, spring semester at UNH has never looked so promising.

Durham is in for quite an exciting, completely sober end to the year and transition into summer. Happy SPRING Wildcats!




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