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Plants come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties. There’s the Swiss cheese plant (of the monstera genus) that can grow giant leaves that have holes to resemble the Swiss cheese name. The snake plant has vertical, tough leaves of green and bits of yellow to resemble its name as well. The fairy washboard plant is a succulent that has ridges on its leaves that feel like a washboard. Every plant is unique and can bring a completely different vibe to your room. Besides being a wonderful being of life, these plants can purify your dorm’s air, remind you to focus on self-care, and can become the best decoration in your room.

They Purify the Air

Many plants can purify the air which means that they can remove odors in the room and toxins in the air, thus creating a better environment for you to live in. Not all plants are air purifiers, but many are. For instance, the crispy wave fern is a great purifier! It has an awesome texture from the crinkled leaves and the open display of each leaves feels very welcoming. Fret not if a crispy wave fern is not the right air purifying plant for you as there are countless others that could be your best match.

They Remind You to Focus on Self-Care

By owning a plant in your dorm room, you are adding on the small commitment of caring for another living thing. Every few weeks or so—depending on the plant’s nature—you will have to water it. This extra commitment towards caring for another living thing can be a great reminder to take care of yourself. Perhaps every time you water your plant you can have a glass of water yourself. The plant can prompt you to take care of yourself in other ways than just drinking a glass of water. It can stand as a reminder to act with care and loving actions towards yourself. Plants are a great way to focus on taking care of yourself as the act of taking care of another living thing can prompt us towards self-care.

They Make Great Decorations

The huge variations between species of plants enables you to choose between tons of different shapes, sizes, and colors, thus enabling you to add different splashes of color to your dorm room. Say hello to the bountiful shades of green from succulents that pair wonderfully with the subtle splashes of yellow from a yellow orchid and pink from a pink fittonia. Adore those golden pothos (Devil’s Ivy) that bring with them a wonderful display of yellow and green marbleization on every leaf. Plants are excellent decorations as they bring splashes of color and unique patterns to dorm rooms.

They Bring a Great Energy to the Room

With the wondrous colors you have welcomed into your room, you have now brought with it a new energy. These living plants have brought a sense of life to your room that connects you to nature and can be grounding. A great way to have good energy in your room is to adopt a ton of plants and use them to ground yourself and connect to nature.

How are you going to bring the wonderful energy and colors of plants to your dorm rooms?

Keri studies psychology and writing at UNH. She is a published poet of four collections available online, and she also runs Meadow Mouse Zine. Besides poetry, she is invested in self-development, healing the inner child and thrifting. You can find Keri at @keri.27 on Instagram.