Why Lululemon Leggings are Worth Investing in

As we all know, the price of Lululemons isn't ideal (spending $98 or more on a pair of leggings). I never even considered purchasing a pair of Lulus until one of my friends gave me a gift card for my birthday. Let me tell you, it was a downward spiral from there... I never really understood the hype of Lululemon until I owned my own pair: the quality, the stretch, and the way the waistband hugs compares to no other type of legging. 

This is why you should invest in Lululemons despite the price...

1. If the seam begins to pull or rip, Lululemon replaces the product 

2. You'll no longer have to pull up your legging's waist band while doing cardio

3. They are sweat resistant

4. There are various styles of the leggings depending on the type of activity you participate in

5. The waist band doesn't fold when sitting

6. The leggings aren't see through 

I have worn leggings from all different companies for activewear and casualwear like Gymshark, Adidas, Nike, Fabletics, etc... and Lululemon leggings are by far the most comfortable and make you feel the most confident because of their quality.