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Why Living In Durham During The Summer Is So Much Fun

The summer before my sophomore year, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to live in Durham. My apartment lease started shortly after school had ended, and living there over the summer fit my situation. This summer, I am super excited to get the opportunity to live in Durham over the summer before entering my senior year of undergrad! I am looking forward to it because I had such a positive experience two years ago.

One thing about living in a college town over the summer is that it is so different compared to the academic year. It is much quieter and practically a ghost town some days. With that being said, I enjoy the peacefulness and ease of those quiet summer days. They are a nice reminder that the summer should be about relaxing and not so fast-paced compared to the school year. The town is less busy, but it is a nice break from the hustle of the fall and spring. Some stores and shops might have adjusted hours during these months, but I think that is a fair compromise. 

Another thing I am looking forward to about living here over the summer is getting to see my friends. The majority of my friends will be in Durham over the summer, so it will be so great to see everyone and hang out. Last summer I lived here, many of my friends were at home and I wasn’t able to hang out with them, so I am very excited to have everyone here this summer. I am looking forward to the peaceful strolls around campus, trips to the beaches, and visiting the local shops in Portsmouth.

It is also a lot more convenient for me to commute to work while living in Durham. The past few summers I have been working in Durham, which makes living here a whole lot easier. Instead of going through gas constantly, I can simply walk to work with a commute of under 5 minutes. Living in Durham over the summer has really helped me be less stressed about going into work and using my paycheck on gas every few days. It is nice to have the opportunity to walk to work, and even better after a long day to only be a few minutes from your place instead of a car ride away.

I have really enjoyed living here over the summer, and I am looking forward to having that opportunity this summer. Going into my senior year, I think it is important to make great memories with friends before we all move, which is what I am planning on doing this summer!

I hope everyone has the best summer!


Hi I'm Sophia Badala! I am a senior here at UNH studying Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. This is my fourth year writing for Her Campus and I love being a part of this team!
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