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A lot of brands label themselves as “clean” and consumers trust that statement. The Yuka app gives a detailed list of the ingredients and their risks. I have so much fun using this app and being conscious of the products I am using on my hair and skin. So many products I trusted turned out to be doing more damage to my skin. I think oftentimes people trust the more expensive products to be safer when they have just as much risk. The app is so easy to use and so reliable. All you have to do is scan the products bar code and it gives you the detailed ingredient list. I love this app because it becomes like a game and it often is the deciding factor if I invest in a new product. I learn so much about the harmful ingredients and I do not have to do any digging. While I am sure we all have a hard time treating ourselves, I think it is important to be treating ourselves to the products that are healthy for our skin and nails. Here are some products I found that I love because of the Yuka app and that have a high rating!


Beekman 1802 (Honestly anything by Beekman 1802)

100/100 rating

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La Roche Posay


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Makeup Products:

Kosas Concealer and Powder (anything by kosas)


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These are just a few of the products I have started using to take better care of my skin. Not overcomplicating skincare is also important to remember. Either way, I highly recommend downloading this app for free and learning about what you’re putting on your skin.

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