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Starting college was a big adjustment for me. I had a group of amazing friends but still felt like something was missing. I felt very uninvolved. I wanted more of the college experience, but my social anxiety kept me from reaching out. Sophomore year my friend Allie reached out to me saying she was part of this club that she thought would be really good for me. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone and join, and I couldn’t be more grateful that I did. 

Joining Her Campus gave me an outlet to express myself. I’ve written articles about many different topics from my favorite books to grieving. Being able to write about whatever I want is very freeing. I have always been so reserved when it comes to sharing my writing, but after joining it has given me a lot more confidence in my work. 

Her Campus also is a great community. The girls that I have met are all so incredible and I love reading all of their articles every week. Even with COVID Her Campus at UNH has come up with great ways to keep us all connected. It is super encouraging during these times. 

Overall I couldn’t be more grateful for all the opportunities that Her Campus has offered me. It’s so inspiring to see a foundation of women from all over the world come together and express themselves freely. 

Casey is currently at Senior at the University of New Hampshire. She is studying English and Psychology.
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