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When is it a Good Time to Start Listening to Christmas Music After Halloween?

Halloweekend is officially over. All the costumes you spent all your time (and money) preparing for are put away, and you’re ready to move on to the holiday season. However, many judge you for wanting to blast “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” by Mariah Carrey when the clock strikes midnight on Halloween night, and it’s officially November 1st. The question that comes into play is, when is it okay to start shuffling the top Christmas hits?

Believe it or not, there are about seven Saturdays until Christmas day. To think about that is crazy but helps with the idea of whether or not we should celebrate Christmas the day after Halloween. The thing is, you can listen to Christmas music all year round. There’s no shame in doing it. The fact is, Christmas music (for some people) is a great way to boost your mood and get you in a better mindset. Whenever I am having a terrible day, I turn to Christmas music. It helps me think of happy moments with my family and all the good that comes out of Christmas.

Now, the answer to my question is honestly up to you. In my personal opinion, I would be the one blasting “Last Christmas” by George Michael right when that clock hits midnight on Halloween. There’s honestly no harm in listening to the songs that soon. However, it’s also not for everyone. Not everyone gets warm, fuzzy feelings when they hear the songs. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t attack people for their own choice to listen early or to not listen at all.

Certain people like to argue that everyone forgets about Thanksgiving. However, that’s not the case. Everyone doesn’t need to love Thanksgiving. Just like not everyone has to love Christmas. Christmas is a season while Thanksgiving is a week of family and friends coming together to eat all the best foods and spend quality time with one another. The two months of the holiday season fly by, so enjoy all the time you can get! Go ice skating, make gingerbread cookies, watch that movie with your family. Just take it all in.

There are only SEVEN SATURDAYS until Santa comes to town. That being said, the holiday season flies by, so play those tunes girl. No judgment over here. I hope this article helped inspire you to not have shame in playing those cheerful songs. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season with the people you love the most!

I am a freshman majoring in Psychology who loves to eat sushi :) #libra
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