What's in My Beach Bag?

We’ve been waiting for this all school year, a time to bask in the sun without a worry about essays, exams, and lectures! It’s time to hit the beach with friends--here are the essentials for my beach bag of Summer ‘17:

1. Speakers

A portable speaker is a must! While you’re chilling out & maxing all cool, put on that summer playlist you’ve been crafting for the past month and a half. There is such good music to match your mood in the sun, whether that’s upbeat or mellow. Check out our article: “Your Summer ‘17 Playlist” by Julianna, UNH junior!

2. Sunglasses

Keep the Ray Bans on to protect those baby blue eyes! You’ll need them for the prime time of the sun, which is usually mid-day. If you still need to purchase sunglasses, check out stores like Kohl's and T.J.Maxx for some sunglasses without breaking the bank!

3. Sunscreen

I’m sure we’re all aware of what can happen when we forget the SPF! Please reapply it often. Everyone loves to be kissed by the sun, but too much is harmful to our skin! Check out our article: “Best Drugstore Sunscreen for your Summer Endeavors” by Rylie, UNH sophomore!

4. Book/Magazines

The perfect way to make the time go by, while getting a tan on! Pick up the latest issue of Rolling Stone and Cosmo, or find a new book that catches your eye. Escape for a while, and have the sounds of the seagulls as background noise!

5. Snacks and Drinks!

This is the major key to a successful beach trip! It is useful to have a cooler around to keep the food away from the sun. Before you leave, make a pitcher of pink lemonade or iced tea and bring cups for everyone! For food, cut up melon and strawberries before you leave the house, this way, you can pick on it as the day unwinds. If you’re staying for a good chunk of the day, make simple sandwiches at home and take them to go! This is the perfect way to stay hydrated and fuel your body while being exposed to the sun--without having to spend a penny!

6. Hat

Represent your school, sorority, or root for the home team with your favorite cap! Or, break out the floppy beach hat! Protect that beautiful head of yours on and off during the hours in the sun by bringing a hat.

7. Towels and Tapestries

A must-have for sprawling out in the sand! Bring a couple of towels to use while you’re relaxing or after a dip in the ocean! Remember that tapestry on your dorm or apartment wall? Take it to the beach, spread it on the sand, and unwind!

We deserve the relaxing summer hours! Enjoy it, ladies! OHH YEAH!