What I've Learned About Friendship Since Starting College

Going into college, it’s natural for people to be nervous about making friends. If you had a solid group of friends at home, it can be really difficult to leave everybody and the thought of making new friends can be daunting. For some people though, it’s a relief to be able to start fresh and solidify that new group of friends. By this point in the year, hopefully you’ve found a few great friends or have some people you enjoy being around, and you’ve learned how to maintain friendships from home. I’ve certainly learned a lot about myself and my friendships in my first year of college.



I’m one of those people who definitely had a hard time leaving friends. The first send-off my best friends and I gave was ultra dramatic and it was so tough for us to watch each other go off on our own at the end of the summer. While the beginning of the first semester was definitely a difficult adjustment, I found ways to make it work with my friends back home.


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One thing I’ve learned about my friends at home is that those that really care will continue to make an effort. I knew my best friends and I would stay in pretty constant contact, but I was surprised to get texts or calls checking in from people I wasn’t super close with. It was comforting to know that I had friends who also wanted to put in the effort, and I made sure to start checking in with others too. Another thing I’ve learned is that it can be nice to have a routine with friends, like calling every Monday or watching the same episodes of a show and talking about it. Going off to college doesn’t have to mean that you can’t maintain, or even improve, your friendships with people from home.



I’ve also learned a lot about making friends at school. Being dropped into a new atmosphere can definitely take some getting used to. It’s much easier to be comfortable in a new place if you have people alongside you. I am typically someone who keeps to themselves and can be a bit introverted, but I learned that it is really important to put yourself out there. If I didn’t make an effort to make friends in my dorm, classes, or clubs then I really wouldn’t have anybody to spend time with. By this point in the year it’s nice to have a routine with friends and have some people to spend time with in your free time. While this is super nice, don’t be afraid to continue to meet new people. I’ve learned that college is a good time to figure out what kind of people you want to surround yourself with because the people around you are doing the exact same thing.


Regardless of who your friends are, keep at it with your relationships with them. You can maintain your friendships from home and continue to expand your friend base at school. It is really important to have people you can connect with and have people who can reach out to you.


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