What It's Like Living In 6 States Before Your 20

         I’m only 19 years-old and I have already lived in 6 different states. No, it’s not because my parents are in the military, but it is because of my father’s various job opportunities, we go where the money takes us. With that being said, I have already lived in Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Yes, I know most of those are just known as “fly-over” states to most, but to me, they are all home. Here are 10 statements on what it’s like to move so much growing up.


1. It’s almost impossible to make long-term meaningful relationships because as soon as you start to become close to people, you move again and they carry on with their lives and you have to start a new one.


2. With that being said, every time you start to become close to a guy, you’re forced to tell him you’re moving in the near future and he all the sudden becomes uninterested.


3. I have personally attended 8 different schools so far (Preschool, Kindergarten, 2 elementary schools, 1 middle school, 1 high school, and 3 different colleges), which as you can imagine, this has numerous pros and cons, including: new varieties of teachers and classes and always having to learn the ins and outs of a new school.

4. New beginnings! Every state is different, every town is different, and every house is different! All good things to look forward to! Every state I have lived in each has its own cool features, such as Illinois has Chicago, Indiana has Lake Michigan (which if you haven’t been to South Haven, Michigan, add it to your bucket list, you’ll thank me later), Massachusetts has Boston and the ocean, and New Hampshire has mountains and it borders Canada! 

5. You meet all different kinds of people! I have connections and relationships with people from all over the U.S. now! I have had the opportunity to learn and understand new cultures, and I can relate to people from all different backgrounds!

6. Once you are out of high school, you no longer fear moving, instead you welcome it with open arms. I was originally supposed to attend the University of Houston but when my Dad told me that he and my mom where moving to Boston, I weighed my options and decided I didn’t want to be stuck in Texas alone so I came with them and randomly picked a college in New England and that’s how I came to be at UNH! After I graduate, I am looking forward to moving again (hopefully to Nashville)!

7. People regret asking me where I’m from because I have to answer “nowhere” and they look at me confused which I have to follow up with a 5 minute backstory of my entire childhood.


8. My vocabulary has slang from all over the country and I also have a small Southern accent so people love to guess where I’m from.

9. I am a fan of multiple conflicting sports teams which greatly confuses people (I will not under no circumstance become a Patriot’s fan though, Kansas City Chiefs all the way).

10. I have had more experiences than most people my age and I’m basically immune to culture shock. 


I just want to leave y'all on the note that I wouldn't change my life for anything, I am so grateful for the opportunities I've been given and I just want to let you know that moving is not a bad thing at all and shouldn't be feared. A lot of people I know have lived in the same place their whole lives and wouldn't dream of moving, I just want to encourage you to take the leap and go see the world, emerge yourself into different cultures and enjoy it!