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What I Wish I Knew Before It Was ALMOST Too Late

Going into college everyone always told me to do everything you can because it will go by fast. I just thought that was what every adult said because they wished they were in my shoes and loved being in college. I never knew that they were right. I am about to finish my junior year, and I still remember the day that I moved in and met my freshman year roommate. When my parents said time flies, they weren’t kidding. Going into my senior year is scary. There is no way I am ready to step into the real world. I mean there are so many things that I haven’t done yet.

To incoming freshman, there are a few tips, tricks and hacks I have in order to successfully make it through your first year. First, make time management a priority to master. Classes aren’t the only thing you have to handle. You also have to juggle laundry, food, extracurriculars and cleaning. When you run out of ramen noodles, they don’t automatically reappear; you have to go to the grocery store yourself and make the selection. Planning out your days could make all of these tasks much easier as well as understanding what to prioritize over other things. Another tip that I learned was to not be afraid to go to professors for extra help. I know it may seem intimidating, especially in a huge lecture hall, however, they are here for that. Professors understand that you are going to be new to the content, and they all want you to succeed. Going to them for help will also increase your chances of forming a bond and, possibly, the ability to get a great recommendation. A form of advice I have is to take advantage of everything! Go to the gym, try out different extracurriculars, take the classes that are out of your comfort zone. There isn’t going to be another time in your life when you can do this. Trying out anything and everything will lead you to what you enjoy and what you don’t. Take the classes that are out of your comfort zone, and you might figure out that you like it and want to pursue it. Lastly, create study groups. This will be a life saver when studying for an exam or doing a project. Although some may want to do things by themselves, grouping up will help you out a lot. This can not only help you understand the material better but gain some friends. Most of the classes you take will have the same people in them so creating those bonds early will allow for ease in the future for group assignments.

Don’t forget that you are in college! Enjoy the four years that you have because these are the years that you are going to remember and the stories you will be telling your children. I was always told to not stress the small things. If you don’t get an assignment in or you do poorly on an exam, it is not the end of the world. You still have an opportunity to make it up and succeed.


My name is Madison Sullivan and I am from a small town in Connecticut called North Branford. I am a Business Management major with a minor in HMP and I am not sure exactly what I want to do when I graduate. My hobbies include reading when I have time, going to the gym, and playing with my dog, Buddy.
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