What I Realized About Her Campus This Summer

Last fall as a freshman I went to U-Day, I saw the Her Campus booth from a distance and to be totally honest, I was attracted by the balloons and wanted to see what club it was. At this point I had seen dozens of clubs and I continued to look through booths and talk to more and more people. I had been with one of my friends at the time and had instantly been waved down to come over and talk once we neared the booth. I thought to myself that it seemed pretty cool and I went to the first meeting, and I told myself that I was going to stick with some club. Her Campus ended up being the one club I stuck with out of at least 10 I had looked at. As the year went on I wrote articles, but I can't say they were even close to being good, and they had still been published and could be seen by anyone who wanted to see them. Writing had never been my strong suit, I know that, but these articles were just sad to look at.

This past summer seeing the upcoming posts for Her Campus I was a little mad and upset with myself because I hadn’t put my best foot forward, my articles had always been done at the last minute because I would sometimes forget or they would be rushed because I just simply couldn’t come up with an idea to write about. I also hadn’t put myself out there like I wanted to, so there had been a sense of disappointment to see all of these girls that I worked alongside for the whole year to have these amazing connections and bonds with each other. So coming into this year, I knew I wanted to have a different experience with Her Campus and I wanted to write this article to remind myself that I am choosing to be here and I am choosing to put my best foot forward and to try and push myself out of my comfort zone because that’s how you learn. I also knew I wanted to get the most out of this organization as I could. There are these amazing girls around me all the time that I can learn from and grow closer with, whether it be group meetings or fun activities planned outside of those meetings, and especially when articles go up every week.

So I, Haylie Bjorklund, am choosing to make new connections within this organization, and to put effort into my articles, and to learn more about myself and to become more confident not only with myself, but with my writing. It is time I put myself first and learn my worth.