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COVID. The discussion of, possibly, the rest of our lives. There have been setbacks that everyone in this world have overcome. The biggest one for me, would be school. I enjoy what I am studying and like going to classes. I have found it difficult to attend classes this semester. I had a few classes online. I started this semester in quarantine. I was unable to attend the first four weeks of in person classes. I found myself getting frustrated with my situation and was sick of quarantine. I saw my friends at school for one day and was back home. 

    Being home helped me manage my time. While some people had distractions at school and could not focus with online classes, it’s all I had. I was only able to do classes. Although I am more of a hands one, in person learner, this did help me to shift as well. 

When I was back at school I was as safe as a college student could possibly be. This also made me appreciate being at school as well. While some schools across the world were unable to attend, UNH took all the precautions to keep the semester going. 

The last thing that this semester taught me is that I am good at being by myself. In high school I could not spend a day without being surrounded by friends. This semester I lived in a single room in the dorms. I was a little hesitant at first, but then I liked all the alone time I was getting, don't get me wrong, I love being surrounded by my friends, but the alone time I got at school is cherished compared to the craziness of family and work.      

I am currently a student at University of New Hampshire, studying nutrition. I recently joined HerCampus, and so far I am loving it! I love to be outside, workout, and sleep!! I am very fortunate to have a club like this on campus, it is not easy finding the perfect one!
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