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What the Class of 2020 Will Never Know About UNH

Before there was Madbury Commons, there was Theta, PBG and the Greens.

Unfortunately, the class of 2020 will never get to experience the questionable sturdiness and debatable events of these buildings as they have been replaced by the new slick apartment complex crawling with security.


Free safe and campus rides.

Yes, there was a thing before Über and it was so much better (mostly because it was free). The Lodges or Cottages were never not an option because of transportation, unlike now due to the fluctuating prices of Über rides.


Waiting in line for concert tickets.

This was an event before the actual event. Students stayed up all night for those tickets. Like literally all night, from midnight until noon the next day, just to get their hands on those sold out Kendrick Lamar student floor tickets. The MUB has decided to reroute and make ticket purchasing easier by selling tickets online but waiting all night in the 20 degree weather with all of your bestfriends is an adventure that should be experienced by all at least once.


The old Hoco.

The redesign of Hoco has new and old students alike flustered and ramming into each other at all points. Granted, this will all get easier eventually but the incoming Freshman class will never truly understand the struggle of having to walk all the way around the entire dining hall just to get a slice of pizza.


Your ID being your lifesource to all things on campus.

Nowadays many buildings don’t need your ID to swipe in and the dining halls sure don’t, but in the past if you lost your student ID you lost everything. You were out of food and out of house until the ID office opened the next morning.



Yep, that’s right. UNH is leaving behind Blackboard for a new and better model. Future students will never understand the frustrating struggle it was to try to navigate through Blackboard’s multiple portals. Now that we’ve finally all gotten used to it, UNH has decided to throw us for a loop and get rid of the old site.


The Sercs

No, they are not called Handler, Peterson, and Haaland Hall. They are the Sercs and will always be the Sercs, at least until all remaining students graduate.


The Dump and Kaleida-Scoop… RIP. 

The family owned grocery store will never be known by future students as it has been taken over by Hannaford but they will never understand the weird set-up but delicious food that was The Dump.


Bacon in the dining halls

Once upon a time the dining halls did provide actual bacon for it’s students. Unfortunately for new students these days have passed and bacon mac n’ cheese has disappeared as an option as a delicious meal.


The old football stadium and it’s limited seating space.

Fortunately for students of the past, seating at football games was never really an issue because no one ever went to the games. Now that UNH is doing increasingly better, more students are showing up to the games which calls for a bigger and better stadium. However, future students will never be able to claim the pride and loyalty of The Dungeon that current students hold in their hearts.

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