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What Are You Putting on Your Face?

“I woke up like this”, said no girl ever unless you’re Queen Bey. We all apply at least a touch of makeup before we leave our house for the day whether it be some lip stick to give your look a pop of color, or concealer to cover up some blemishes. But have you ever thought about what exactly you are putting on your face?

With the new app called Think Dirty it is as simple as scanning the bar code on your make up or hair products and it will tell you how dirty it is, the ingredients, and the best part is it will give you cleaner options to start using. And if there is no bar code you can easily just look it up.

Your products get rated on a dirty meter, 0-2 being neutral, 3-6 half n’ half, and 7-10 being dirty (aka change your makeup now!!).  

Like most, I have certain products that I use everyday like my Tarte Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation and They’re Real! Benefit Mascara. So I looked both of those up to see how dirty I am making my face each morning.

I am happy that my foundation is on the cleaner side because having clear skin is obviously important. I wouldn’t want to be clogging my pores with a foundation that was rated a 10. But even a 4 has some issues. According to the Think Dirty app this Tarte foundation contains some allergens and asthma triggers. A cleaner option they recommend is Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation, which ranks as a 3 on the dirty meter. 

The next product that I looked up might make a lot of girls cry. I am sorry to tell you all that They’re Real! Mascara ranked 10 on the dirty meter. Dirty as it can get… 

The reason why They’re Real! Mascara ranks a 10 on the dirty meter is because it contains BHT, which is a preservative also found in nail polish. BHT can cause health problems like hormone disruptor and carcinogen. 

Luckily there is a cleaner option, 100% Pure Fruit Pigments Mini Mascara-Blackberry. 

I always have tried to get “cleaner” makeup when it comes to foundation, blushes and bronzers. I will be in Ulta for hours figuring out what the best possible option for my skin is because having clean, healthy skin is important. But when it comes to mascara and eye shadows I just grab whatever I feel like trying and leave. But not anymore. I recommend girls to check out this app to see how dirty their daily essentials are. 

Think Dirty’s rating are based off of public avaliable data released by North American government and non-profit agencies. 




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