Weird Things New Englanders Do & Say

I moved to New England about 2-years ago and there is still no way that I would consider myself a New Englander because the people up here say and do things that I can just not wrap my head around. Here are a few things that I’ve noticed they do that seem bizarre to me:


  • They don’t tie their Bean boots… everytime I wear mine I get scrutinized because it just feels wrong for me to wear untied boots

  • “Wicked” can be used to describe just about anything

  • Tom Brady sits on a golden pedestal and is untouchable… being a huge Chiefs fan, it’s really hard having that thrown in my face at least once a day

  • College guys here think they look super cool not wearing an actual coat in winter… I’m not sure if they only wear a hoodie and either khakis or cargo shorts out in 10 degree weather to display their toughness or because they are immune to the elements but either way I’m open to an explanation if you have one

  • In the winter months, college girls still wear the same outfits they go to parties in, in the warmer months… if you drive through our campus on a cold or snowy Thursday night you will see girls wear ripped black jeans, 4-6 inch heels, crop tops and no jackets, while shivering on their way to the bars… I don’t understand it, maybe it makes them feel more attractive looking like baby deers dying of hypothermia, not sure

  • They judge you if you don’t drink iced coffee year-round

  • Calling water fountains ‘bubblers’

  • Not wearing a rain jacket or using an umbrella when it is raining out.. I feel like such an outsider when it’s raining outside and I wear my rain boots and raincoat to class and use an umbrella and everyone else doesn’t use anything and shows up to class soaking wet… is it enjoyable? Please explain this, I am genuinely perplexed.


If you have questions/concerns or answers to any of these statements please reach out to me because I really don’t understand.