As We Go On...

Four years ago we packed our bags and kissed our parents good-bye at the curb. We embarked on a journey that felt like it would never end, regardless of how many times you heard: “It will be the fastest four years of your life”. For many of us, it was the end of our old lives and the beginning of a new one. We all came to UNH to learn, but not all learning is done in a classroom. I for one, never would have imagined the lessons I would be walking away with today, on what should have been my graduation day. 

Yes, early on we learned not to leave microwave popcorn in too long or your entire dorm will hate you when the fire truck comes at 3:00 a.m. We learned what days to go to Ho-Co and when to Philly (Sundae Sunday duh). We learned to NEVER try to walk up library hill when it's icy. We learned that you have to get in line at Scorps extra early on Saturdays unless you want to wait in line for an hour. We learned what it means to be a Wildcat, but most importantly we learned never to take it for granted. 

UNH is where I found my best friends, my future bridesmaids, myself. It was here on this campus that I formed my own opinions and ideas, I changed my major...and I changed it again, I found my passions, I became my own person. I stayed up all night laughing till I cried, and I stayed up all night crying in Dimond trying to meet deadlines I put off until the last minute. I figured out what I want to do with my life, feeling like there would never be a life beyond UNH. But here we are, on this day which no one could have imagined turning out like this. I always pictured waking up and getting ready with my friends, curling my hair so I’d look perfect when I walked across that stage to get my diploma. But alas, you can't control life.

So here we all are UNH class of 2020, graduating at home. In the face of so much uncertainty and chaos, the disappearance of senior spring, and being robbed of a proper good-bye from friends and faculty, the class of 2020 has remained hopeful and forward-looking and that is one thing that can never be taken away from us. As we go on, there may not be any more wild nights at Scorps, lazy afternoons on T-hall lawn, or dinners at Mei Wei, but there will always be a little bit of UNH in each of our hearts. 

Congratulations and good luck UNH class of 2020!