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We Are a Month Away from 2022. Let That Sink In.

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I seriously don’t know how it’s already my second semester of my sophomore year in college. It feels like yesterday I was hanging out in free period with my friends in our senior year of high school.

I was taking a class called current events my senior year, which pretty much explains itself. Every class we would walk in and write our own news event on the white board at the front of class. For coming weeks there would be at least one event that had something to do with COVID-19. Every time. I mean every time we would have a full discussion as a class on our thoughts and opinions of this virus. Was it as bad as everyone says? How easy can you really catch it? Was covid about to come to the US? All of these questions seemed a little far fetched, but it was to our surprise when not too shortly after we were told to take a two week break from school itself. I think everyone was a bit shocked at this news but with. sigh of relief for the break from school we were about to get. To our surprise, that was our last time in that school as seniors.

Now, I am coming up on my second semester as a sophomore in college. We are still on our way back to normalcy but Covid is a real virus that seems to be never ending. One can hope that the time my senior year of college rolls around we have everything back and that time will come before I even know it.

Hi i'm Bridget, a sophomore Communication major at the University of New Hampshire. I am from Wilmington Mass, a small town about 20 minutes north of Boston!
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