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Ways to Stay Fit Over the Holidays

Cookies, pies, cakes, eggnog, you name it. The holiday season is out to get your waistline.

While it may seem appealing to constantly indulge over family gatherings and New Year’s parties, a little self control with leftovers and a workout regimen can keep you from dreading what should be an amazing time of year.

Start a workout plan early. This way, once the holidays hit it will not be a shock to your system. Get in the habit of working out a few, say three, times a week, either at the gym, taking a class or using exercise DVDs. For moral support invite a few friends to join you at the gym. With class work and finals approaching it can be hard to stay motivated, but try to find some extra bit of time, even 20 minutes. If you go to the gym bring a textbook to look over while riding one of the bikes or on the treadmill.

When its winter there is a plethora of ways to stay fit that are season specific. Ice skating, skiing and snowboarding will all burn some calories. Heck, if you want to go sledding the trudge up the hill should work your leg muscles too!

MODERATION. It can seem impossible to not constantly stuff your face with food during the holidays, especially when there are so many leftovers, but try and force yourself to not over do it. Just think of how sick and disgusting you’ll feel afterwards. When it comes to the leftover cookies and cakes after your family gatherings, have a piece of fruit or a vegetable for each sweet you want, instead of two desserts. You still get to indulge, and hey it’s the holidays, why not?-but you are getting something that is nutritional too.

Also, eat your meals slowly. That way you will know when you are truly full. Why would you want to scarf down the amazing stuffing, pies and cranberry sauce your family slaved over? Enjoy it!

Sometimes the stress of the holidays causes overeating. We invest so much in the unattainable perfection of the holidays and family gatherings. Perhaps your emotions are part of what will tempt you to eat so much. Before you eat stop and think about what you are really feeling. It may very well not be hungry. If it’s sad, angry, lonely, anything else, deal with it proactively, not by hiding behind food.  

That being said, if you are going to partake in a holiday meal just go for it. Indulge the crap out of yourself. If you want a cookie, eat a cookie with all the butter and sugar there is. Just do it on occasion, not all the time, and not to a grossly excessive amount. Better that than find some healthier cookie alternative and think you can stuff your face with it 24/7 because it’s “healthy.” No. Just enjoy yourself for the actual holiday meal. When it comes to leftovers, be careful. 

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