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A UNH Students Guide to Those Annoying Holiday Questions

Best Answers to the Questions You’re Bound be asked this Holiday Season

How are your classes? / How are your grades?

What’s important is that we have our health.

What do you want to do after college?

                I’ve heard exotic dancers make 100k.

** Looks at cellphone** who are you talking to?

                Oh I was just checking to see if my exam grade was uploaded yet. (As I giggle at my group text).

Do you drink?   

Yes I drink 10 cups of water a day to stay hydrated.

Have you been on any dates lately?

Does Netflix and chill count as a date?

What is your favorite class?

                Does studying the Union Court menus count?

What ever happened to [Ex’s name]?

                Not sure, why don’t you find him on Tinder and ask.

Are you involved on campus?

                Yes, I am a daily participant in the Aroma Joes line.

Do you have a job?

                It’s hard enough to figure out the bus schedule, do you think I could manage a work schedule too?

Do you like your roommates?

                It really depends on who left dirty dishes in the sink last…

Have you been applying for internships?

                The only thing I’ve been applying myself to is online shopping.

Are you eating well?      

                Are you saying I’ve gained weight? (As I stuff my face with pumpkin pie).


My name is Lydia, I am aged 20 and currently studying Philosophy at Cardiff University. I love University life and am a member of Cardiff's first team for cheer-leading.
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