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The UNH Bucket List

UNH (or shall I say drUNHk): a fine institution by day, and whirlwind of all things crazy by night. Our university is located in the small town of Durham New Hampshire, aka the middle of nowhere. So, us 15,000 students are certainly forced to get creative when it comes to having fun, and we do.

As we have been told time and time again, the four years of college (or 5 or 6 for others) are the best years of our lives. Some of us may not realize this now, but years later when our lives revolve around full time jobs, bills and pooping babies, everyone will look back at this time and long to go back. We’ll find ourselves telling others of our crazy drunken night stories or hilarious times with our closest friends over everything else. It’s inevitable for most that these are the remembrances that will shape our college memories decades later in life.

To make our experiences here at UNH all the more memorable, I found it necessary to create a rather inappropriate bucket list. Some may seem crazy, foolish, or downright dumb, but all play a role in the ultimate UNH experience. But remember before reading it that this is your time to live it up, and after all, if you don’t do stupid things when you’re young, you’ll have nothing to laugh about when you’re old.

1. Keg Stand on Young
2. Take a picture on the Red Wagon
3. Get it on in Dimond
4. Rent the back room of Mei Wei out and order a disgusting amount of scorpion bowls
5. Smoke in Kurt’s lunchbox, with Kurt
6. Actually make it to a football game and not just the tailgate….
7. Go to a formal cocktail
8. Get drunk before Germs
9. Get a JB
10. Order your friend a tsunami at Scorps
11. from a balcony in the Cottages
12. Pants someone at primetime Hoco hours
13. Play hooky and drive to Hampton for the day
14. Break a coffee table in someone’s apartment from dancing too hard
15. Yell RUSH ATO to groups of high school tours
16. Get a ride from a Dominos delivery guy when you’re drunk
17. Make-out with a Campus Cutie
18. Play broomball drunk
19. Steal a shopping cart from the Dump and give a friend a ride in it
20. Jump off the balcony in the Lodge (make sure to land on a couch)
21. Play dizzy bats in a dorm
22. Complete at least one walk of shame (c’mon everyone has to)
23. Run through the lib in a Teletubbies costume during finals (it’s been done)
24. Bar crawl down Main Street
25. Bang on the football field under the lights
26. Drink a beer on Huddleston Hall
27. Hop the fence of the outdoor pool and take a late night dip
28. Fall asleep in a large cheese pizza at Dhop
29. Get arrested, get bailed out, and then go back to the party
30. Climb the wildcat
31. Go streaking down frat row
32. Create a flash mob on T-Hall
33. Smash a pumpkin in Williamson’s elevator
34. Crowd surf a Whit concert

I'm a Junior studying Communications: Business Applications at UNH. I love to travel and am currently planning to study abroad next year in Barcelona!
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